Innovation in Education  for the Next Generation

We aim to establish a unique platform for our diplomas, trainings, summits and bootcamps made up of our international network of mentors – available online regardless of one's physical location by mixing even more technology into our creative bloodstream.


Infinity Campus means Transformation – means Movement – a Development of yourself, your Knowledge and your Creativity.

It means, to pulsate, to move, to push boundaries and yourself to the next level. It means to transform!

Be in a flow with other like-minded people and receive and give inspiration – take them, give them and evolve them.

It’s something with an individual touch as well as a timelessness. You’ll feel it & you’ll see it:
a certain pulse – more than an impulse, which takes you further – continuous and infinite!
to Be – be yourself and express your power through knowledge, inspiration, intuition and creativity.
For that you’ll need a  neighborhood – your neighborhood, a personal place to BE! W E L C O M E TO THE HOOD!

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the BRAINS BEHIND infinity campus


We like to think it's all of you that make up our campus! We want it to become a virtual location where interested, curious, eager like-minded Creative Rebels & Pioneers from around the world can come, move and grow together!
United Kingdom
Ina is a Creative Problem Solver, an Innovator and a Collaborator and she is a Thought-Leader and expert in the field of digital transformation – with a strong focus on the creative marketing and education industries and she is a frequent speaker at local and global tech/innovation conferences and summits.

She’s working as Chief Innovation Officer for the INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CREATIVE INNOVATIONS – Miami Ad School Europe, where she is leading the school in regards of the digital transformation and she is instrumental in re-inventing the school's educational program for the digital age.

She is also an internationally well-known award-winning, integrated Creative Director and Head of Design with over 15 years of experience with digital advertising, traditional agencies and clients worldwide and was living abroad in Sydney, Australia and New York, USA, working at the most influential digital creative agencies like R/GA, New York, inventors of Nike+ and Razorfish Australia.

Ina co-founded the 1st international Non-Conference, called FUTURE SUMMIT SERIES – THE 100, where 100 rebels, pioneers and trouble-makers in the field of innovation – like Nancy King, Global Brand Director at AirBnB –
Ani Liu from MIT Lab – Mick McConnell, Head of Concept Studio at WeWork, at that time etc. were brought together to share their experience, brief, ideate & create the future on eye-level with the attendees.
Sabine Georg/COO
Sabine Georg has worked in the field of Digital Marketing and Communication over two decades. Sabine is a Pragmatic/Business-driven Problem Solver, Sustainable Disruptor and Networker.

She’s working as Chief Executive Officer for the INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CREATIVE INNOVATIONS – Miami Ad School Europe, where she took over as Managing Director in June 2019.

Being responsible and the main driver for Business Development and growth, Sabine is pushing Digital Transformation and fostering the Growth of International Creative Talent.

She has studied Fine Arts and this background as a Creative in combination with her strong conceptual and writing skills helped landing her a job in one of the first “New Media” Agencies.

With a diverse portfolio of clients ranging from B2B to top consumer brands like Deutsche Telekom, Sabine gained intense know-how in creating campaigns either in digital or traditional media. 
This knowledge she put to great use when working for, a German telecommunications and web content provider.

Until in 2005, she got hired from Google where she stayed almost 14 years, working in various roles - i.e. as Creative Consultant for top ranked agencies until she quit Google in 2019 to become Managing Director for Miami Ad School Europe!
Philip Wogart/CTO
United States
For over 2 decades Philip has been working at the crossroads of Creativity and Technology, whether it has been in the film industry or performing arts, architectural or gaming industry to online software and mobile application development for art, advertising and marketing. 

He is an Advisor to the INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CREATIVE INNOVATIONS – Miami Ad School Europe, assisting mentors and students alike in the fields of Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Concepting & Creative Technology.

For the last 7 years, he's been running a VR/AR agency focused on Entertainment, Marketing and Education/Training experiences. HEADGEAR is an agency and R&D house solely focused on immersive experiences on mobiles and headsets, working for the likes of Qualcomm, Epic Games, Google, Oculus, and HTC with clients as varied as Axel Springer, Aldi, Dell, Lindt and the UK’s NHS.

This passion for Immersive Technologies goes back to his time in London where he completed his Masters of Science degree in Adaptive Architecture & Computation from University College London’s Bartlett School of Architecture. Back in 2005 was his first encounter with Virtual and Augmented Reality, but the hardware then was still relatively new and expensive, and ended up writing his dissertation on Location Based Gaming on handheld devices. 
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Ina as well co-founded the Women in Technology‘ initiative in Sydney, Australia, a comprehensive and innovative program designed to address the gender imbalance in the STEM fields by nurturing, educating and providing employment opportunities for women.

And she was chosen to become a member at JCI (Junior Chamber International) – the biggest association of young leaders and entrepreneurs in the economy, under the age of 40, where she was responsible for driving Digital Transformation and Women in Leadership through the pillars of education, where she created a network initiative for young females in STEM fields.

Ina’s unique understanding of inventing new ways in the field of ‘INNOVATION IN EDUCATION FOR THE NEXT GENERATION of CREATIVES’ (by Ina Behrendt), lead her the way to initiate and co-found the Infinity Campus, next to her Chief Innovation Officer
role at Miami Ad School Europe, to drive education and life-long learning to the forefront of contemporary education, together with her 2 partners in crime, Sabine Georg & Philip Wogart.

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In 2005 she started working for Google Germany where she was Google Ambassador & Mentor for the 'Digital Heroes‘ project and won an Innovation Award as recognition for a trailblazing project with Creative Agencies.
In her nearly 14 years at Google, Sabine pioneered the Creative Agency Manager role, establishing relations to Germany’s leading creatives and consulting top creative agencies on "all things Google“ with a focus on Digital Marketing and Creative Effectiveness.
Speaking opps about Google’s Creative Innovations - i.e. in VR and Award Winning projects like the “YouTube FilmHack” in partnership with the ADC established Sabine as thought leader for the creative community, internally and externally at Google. 

Next to her Google Manager role, she worked as teacher and mentor at Miami Ad School Hamburg and established the Google Innovation Lab class. Where she taught frameworks like “Hero-Hub-Hygiene” for YouTube, Creative Tech insights or “Beyond Advertising” through the lens of Google. 

Sabine is also a certified systemic Coach and trained LEGO® Serious Play Facilitator, teaching Design Thinking skills and using coaching methods to brainstorm creative solutions. Both qualifications she puts to use in her Managing Director role on campus, supporting students to become who they are meant to be. 
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He says of it, Think of it as Pokémon Go 10 years before it actually came out and 2 years before the 1st iPhone was released, this was the research I was working on then.

Philip’s other great passion beyond virtual worlds and creative technology is education. He has taught design and programming courses for digital publishing, animation, gaming, web & mobile app development, UI/UX, filmmaking, post-production and spatial computing. He’s also a regular speaker, moderator and hackathon mentor at industry conferences, expos and events globally (MWC, CEBIT, Laval Virtual, Gamescom, AWE, VRARGS, EPIC WPTS, IQPC, WCB Leaders). It’s this same kind of passion and desire to share his insights, experience and knowledge in talks, panel discussions and workshops.

On top of his agency work and teaching/speaking gigs, Philip is working as an Executive Director for the VR/AR Association, a global organization dedicated to accelerating the adoption of immersive technologies, advising startups and enterprises alike on marketing and implementation of this new computer paradigm. Until recently also, he was chairing the organization’s committee for Location Based Entertainment.
United Kingdom
 Why is it important to focus on Innovation in education for the next generation of creatives ?

 INA,Because Digital became the new 'normal‘ – The world & Society has changed! Because of the changing nature of Technology.
That‘s why brands & companies need to change products & services they offer and the way they market as well, to stay relevant.
This means: The next generation of creative talent has to learn different skills to help these companies & brands to transform, or to get hired by them or even to build their own start-up.
It is our responsibility to create and design an educational system that breeds these future creative innovators right from
the start.
 Why is it important for creatives to open up to technology and methodologies from fields like Design Thinking?
 SABINE, Creatives like myself have a natural curiosity and an open mindset. Nonetheless, the ability to tackle a problem from different angles, either strategically or technically, needs a systemic, structured approach. 
Here it helps to connect creativity with data, business with arts and vice versa. 
My background, experience and know-how helps foster the next generation of Creative Problem Solvers to become, who they are meant to be and make a difference in this world!
United States
 What are the most important facets and trends in the Creative Industry right now and in the future?

 PHILIP, As my co-founders have already mentioned we find ourselves in the midst of a “Digital Transformation” revolution, not just because of the current climate with the global pandemic, but in most cases this technology explosion has grown out of the design, engineering & innovation Silos that have existed previously. 

From the very techie perspective, I would say the work in 3D digital graphics and the advances in AI algorithms are rapidly becoming the most interesting aspects that are blurring the lines of our reality and human creativity. It’s exciting and somewhat worrying times that we live in indeed!