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Elly is a proud Gen Y with a multicultural background, she’s a mother and has been working in marketing & sales for 16+ years at various global corporations. For the past 9+ years she's been a manager at Google, of which 4 years working part-time and in a job share. She’s also a so-called Sidepreneur, as the founder & host of thought-provoking salons, as a coach, author and speaker.

Elly loves to challenge the status quo of our working paradigms & norms, and has become a loud advocate for driving awareness and understanding for new models how to approach life & work - beyond the buzzwords.
Creative ways that debunk the system for a sustainable »New Work« experience

Strategies & Experiences from the "Future of Work" Right Now

>> The very nature of the much talked about »New Work« begs many questions, tasks, and opportunities whilst being a buzzword way too often for companies or individuals alike. While the big structural changes lie mainly with influential corporations and politicians, what about us personally? What can we do as individual human beings to initiate »New Work« and foster a cultural change proactively? A change that is - looking at our world right now - as urgent and much needed as ever!

We need to encourage people to explore new work paradigms, because the way we work, economize, incentivize needs to address structural changes for a more sustainable, more equal and also digitally future-ready tomorrow for everyone. 

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