Partner up FOR the Creative Strategy Diploma AND SAVE

 Join with a colleague or friend as your study buddy and do the ONLINE course together and split the costs later…this is how we're making learning more accessible and engaging, but to take advantage you must register in the next…


Dates from:

Feb. 7 – Apr. 3, 2024

Commitment for:

8 weeks – next to your day job

Certified by:

Miami Ad School Europe

Split the Costs between:

$1444 per person

Career Level for:

Junior to mid-Level Advertisers /Marketers

Learnings with:

Self-paced Content + Live Keynotes

top agencies from around the world as

yOur mentors

Achim Schauerte
Strategy & marketing Director, Berlin 

"The global aspect of this program is truly unique.
I don’t think anything like this exists yet."
Natasha Jakubowski
Managing Partner & Chief Innovation Officer, New york

“I'm excited to hopefully inspire our students and try to push their boundaries.”
Måns Tesch
Chief Strategy Officer – AMEA, dubai

“I really wish there was a Diploma Program like this when I was starting out in the industry.”
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