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    Angelene Clark

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    18:00 CEST

Human Behaviour and the User Experience for space analysis and planning 

Architectural Methods for Creative UI/UX 

>> UX design arguably has the most humanising influence on the process of creating products, and draws similar parallels to the principles & methodologies used by architects designing for the user in the physical built environment.

>> Both disciplines evoke a user-centered design process. Arguably Angelene finds the most common thread between the two disciplines. In space, in both physical and digital form.
Patrick Jones - Course author
Angelene's unorthodox architectural background is an exploration into space and how it functions. As part of Space Syntax Lab (UCL) she's investigating emergent organisational behaviours using UI/UX technologies.

She's assisting in the development and creation of a toolkit that informs strategic decisions and creates the foundation to promote transformational change programmes, as e.g. commissioned by Swatch Group.