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Dominik is leading MRM’s (Fast Company’s Best Workplace for Innovators 2020) global innovation consultancy LAB13 to help businesses transform the future by inventing innovative products, services and businesses that create value in people’s life.

After co-founding the LAB13 in Germany, he opened more innovation studios around the world including New York City, Detroit, Manchester, London (UK), Santiago (Chile) and Tokyo (Japan).
Mastering the magnificent art of transforming by design

Creative Business Transformation

>> The world, people and businesses are being transformed since the digital age has started and even before. But, the rapidly changing context since 2020 forces businesses to change or die - now. Disruption is more complex and multifaceted than ever before and requires everyone to use creativity over buzzwords.

>> You will learn how creativity at the intersection of technology, business, human and environment allows everyone to transform their organization, product or service by designing new ecosystems, experiences and even ventures that have an impact in peoples lives.

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    Dominik Heinrich

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    18:00 CEST