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    Martin Jon Adolfsson

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    18:00 CEST

*No rules apply, so use everything at your disposal

Remix, Reinvent or die of boredom*

>> There are many books about how to do stuff, how to sell stuff and how to tell stories. Read them and burn them!

>> Start your road trip of exploration by doing the opposite, Mix and match, combine the uncombinable, build a multi adapter of everything, be curious, take a detour, be a pain in the ass, break taboos, and see where it takes you and your ideas, because experimentation is an absolutely key to the creative process. Find new magical ways of telling stories that bring brands closer to people through culture, or do the expected and die of boredom…
Patrick Jones - Course author
Award-winning and Swedish born, based out of London and Stockholm, for nearly two decades successful in the industry, Martin has worked for most of the top agencies including Crispin Porter Bogusky, TBWA, Anomaly, R/GA, BBH, and now Edelman Deportivo/EdelmanUK.