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Cindy Mallory

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Sept. 14th, 2022 @ 18:00 CEST

Infrastructure & Accessibility as on-ramps to the New Internet

Work+Play in the Metaverse 

>> Frontier technologies, such as Virtual Reality, 5G, Web3 and AI, are fueling next-generation internet development. Infrastructure and access will be propulsive in shaping how emerging tech impacts work and play.

>> Learn how early adopters are onboarded to the metaverse.
>> Find the way you want to discover next-gen experiences.
>> Explore which emerging technologies impact the future of connectivity, creativity, and ability to work and play in the metaverse.
Patrick Jones - Course author
Cindy Mallory is an eclectic technologist that focuses on the frontier technologies forming the metaverse. Cindy champions data driven design and accessibility for blockchain and XR. She has shipped video games and virtual reality, given her voice to an AI mecha, and currently strategizes on enterprise and real estate deep tech projects while serving as the NY Chapter President for the VR/AR Association.